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ArtTech NatureCulture (commonly known as ArtNature) is a global community of practice exploring the creative possibilities of ecological regeneration.

In precarious times, how can we build new ways forward that challenge and transform the many inequalities of the status quo? Our ways of addressing this are as diverse as our backgrounds, but we are united by a shared interest in using creative practices across disciplines (from arts, design, culture and hacking to science, technology and activism) to explore alternative futures that rethink, rebuild and heal.

To keep things simple, members connect on a classic email discussion list to share work, ideas and possibilities. Members have also set up several new routes for deeper collaboration and connection off-list, from a mutual aid buddy system and annual creative residency to digital fireside chats.

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Current member count: 400. 

ATNC Resident 2021-22: Louise Beer.

Steering Committee 2023-24: Alistair AlexanderKit BraybrookeElisa CunialLauren Dapena FraizKate GenevieveAnn LightMargherita Pevere, Klelija Zhivkovikj.

Steering Committee 2021-22: Bryony Benge-Abbott, Kit Braybrooke, Lizzie Crouch, Sophie Huckfield, Candace Hope, Lara Houston, Ann Light, Miranda Marcus, Iryna Zamuruieva.

ATNC was founded in 2020 by Kit Braybrooke, Lara Houston & Ann Light, with support from CreaTures. More about our origins in this article: To know the individual is to know the collective.

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